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6.0 - 6.9

7.0 +

At Wilmington Primary School, KS2 use Accelerated Reader (AR), a reading program by Renaissance Learning, to further their reading comprehension. Each pupil has a username and password to access their own bookshelf.  At the beginning of each new term, the pupil takes a STAR test which gives them a ZPD (zone of proximal development). This gives them a suggested book level range, which has been translated into a colour system. All the library books are categorised according to these colours, and the pupil knows which colour to select books from.  The books are further split through age categories; lower, middle and upper years.
After a test, the pupil is given their score as a percentage.  The pass rate is 60%, however as a school we ask the pupils to strive for an 85% pass rate.  When a book is passed, points are rewarded and a certificate is earned when the relevant number of points have been reached for that level.  The school also has a ‘Millionaire’s Club’ for all the pupils that read over one million words during the school year!
Books that a pupil may have read at home may also be on AR.  This can be checked by visiting and searching for the book by either the title or the author.  If the book is in the pupils suggested range, a test can then be taken on this in school. 

Reader Certificates
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