Wilmington Primary School, Common Lane, Wilmington, DA2 7DF
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Endeavour MAT

About us

Endeavour MAT

Wilmington Primary School is part of Endeavour MAT. Endeavour MAT is a Trust comprised of selective and non-selective secondary schools and one primary school, all in the Dartford area. Our Trust is united by a shared ambition to ensure all of the children in our care receive an outstanding education in a safe and nurturing environment.

Endeavour MAT is committed to the development of all our children and works collaboratively to create opportunities and pathways to help them lead happy, and successful lives. Our network of schools and partners means we are able to train and advance our own teaching staff as well as those from other local schools.

At Endeavour MAT we celebrate the things that make us different, as our differences are the things that bring us together.

All of our schools are rated either ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ by Ofsted.

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Our Strategic Plan

Endeavour MAT has adopted a new Strategic Plan for the period 2022 – 2027, which outlines the ambitions for the Trust over the medium term.